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Published Aug 27, 22
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Infographics are images that contain information (usually illustrations and text) that makes them standalone content. They are great content to push out to your audience via social media to generate engagement. And, they are also a great way to build links. Google is including more and more videos in search results.

Podcasts are on the rise lately, especially within specific niches - Gym Cavan. Like with videos and images, Google shows them in the standard search results. A webinar is a live online meeting or presentation open to the public. Webinars are not only effective at engaging and building your audience, but they also provide great longer-term content.

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3 Tips for Creating Better SEO Content It’s always a great idea to start with some in-depth competitor research. What are your direct competitors saying in their blog? What keywords are they targeting? You’ll want to identify opportunities to talk about those subjects in more detail and depth, and you’ll also want to identify content gaps where you can stand out from the competition.

Technical SEOTechnical SEO is all about the quality of the infrastructure of your site and its usability. Good technical SEO helps ensure that Google will readily find your content (when you want it to) and correctly assess and index the information it finds. What Are the Top Priorities for Technical SEO? Every page needs to be fast.

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Users need to be able to consume your content easily on a mobile device. Google evaluates your content according to its performance on a mobile device, so it is vital you get this right. Google wants to recommend sites that appeal to users in design and usability. Your site layout needs to ensure that when the user lands on your page, they find it attractive, understand what your page offers, and grasp the navigational options they have.

Don’t forget to create a file. Curious about technical SEO in practice? Take a look at this Twitter thread with the CEO and co-founder of Schema App. Website Architecture Website architecture refers to how web pages are grouped and organized. Great website architecture considers the user’s experience first and foremost.

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It is one of the most important aspects of SEO, as backlinks are essentially votes of trust or authority from other sites. The higher the amount of high-quality referring domains, the more reliable your website appears to Google. Obtaining backlinks is also a great way to boost your page in the SERPs (provided these backlinks are coming from reputable websites).

This means that backlinks from low-quality sites will be ignored and will not help to rank. So focus on quality, not quantity, when link building. A good way to start building a backlink profile is to create content that will naturally earn links. Some ways to do so are: Creating useful, authoritative content within your niche Targeting the right keywords, i.

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Create content that includes quotes or interviews industry influencers or leaders. This type of content will have authority ‘built in’ since you associate your brand with a recognized and relevant industry leader. With this type of content, you’ll likely have one link right out of the box — from the party you collaborated with! Creating this type of content is challenging but pays dividends when done right.

Be sure to select the correct category (and any relevant subcategories) for your business on your GMB page. This helps ensure that your business has the appropriate relevance to users’ search queries. Take a look at what your competitors are doing - Gym Cavan. What can you do better for your business? Here are some further tips for succeeding in the local SERPs.

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The more authoritative content you share across your social media platforms, the better chance of having that content featured. As mentioned previously, it’s a great idea to utilize social media share buttons on your site. This on-page optimization allows people to share your content, and it can help you generate backlinks.

F.A.Q.How Fast Does SEO Work? Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. For your strategy to bear fruit, you must implement a holistic SEO strategy, including both on- and off-page optimization. Some of your efforts will pay off in the short term after implementation. Typical examples are changing meta titles and headings or improving the content on a few pages.

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How Do I Rank #1 in Google? No single thing will revolutionize the performance of your SEO strategy. All the elements described above work together, and it is the combination of all the signals Google reads that will make the needle move for you. Your best bet is to base your content strategy on the right keywords, create consistent content, optimize for local and technical SEO, and pivot strategy as necessary based on performance.